The Top 52 Reasons to Vote Republican in 2004

(or, Why I'm Voting Democrat in 2004)

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Funding for the Swift Boat Vets activities came from men with umbilical financial ties to the Bush family, and to Karl Rove specifically.

The team that made the anti-Kerry commercial was the same group that made commercials for Bush Sr. in 1988.

Why Did the "Swifties" Need To Lie About Being Republicans?  Why Claim To Be "Non-Partisan"?

This news follows revelations earlier this week that one of the veterans smearing Kerry in the ads is actually a member of the Bush-Cheney campaign.  It also follows news that the Bush-Cheney campaign headquarters in Florida is distributing fliers promoting the group smearing Kerry.

All this presents a serious problem for the false-macho Bush and his political Svengali Karl Rove. How to distort the record enough to blunt war hero Kerry's support among military personnel and hide Bush's shameful actions and policies from the 1970s to today?